Welcome to the Prostate Care Centre

Built on a model of excellence, the Prostate Care Centre (PCC) is a specialist medical service that brings together a network of urologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, pharmacists, exercise physiologists and other allied health professionals.

The PCC Aims To Provide

  • Rapid access

    Rapid access to the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment advances

    Rapid access

  • Comprehensive and patient-centred

    A comprehensive and patient-centred approach to care

    Comprehensive and patient-centred

  • Multidisciplinary environment

    A multidisciplinary environment where specialists across different medical disciplines discuss and consider all available treatment options in the patient’s best interest

    Multidisciplinary environment

  • Care

    Care coordination, education and support


  • Individually tailored programs

    Individually tailored exercise programs for cancer management

    Individually tailored programs

Integral to the centre is Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Julie Sykes. Julie’s position is funded through the generous support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) which launched the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service in 2012. Julie is part of a team of 45 prostate specialist nurses who work in hospitals across Australia to educate and support patients and their families throughout their cancer experience.

Whether it’s for diagnosis or treatment, patients attending the PCC are treated as individuals by a team of specialist doctors and allied health professionals with complimentary skill sets who really do care. It’s a true multidisciplinary approach.

It’s what makes the PCC different.